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The race for agility

A tech-first approach is now theonlyapproach. How banks leverage Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Technology will determine their ability to tackle cyber risk and compete with highly scalable alternative banking providers, who are reducing the lending cycle down from a few weeks to a few hours.

Ourclientsare digitising their customer journeys and scaling-up transformation. They’re finding moreagileways of working, boosting productivity, building key skills of the future in-house and modernising with targeted investment in technology, data and information.

Meeting your need to stay convenient and compliant

What do you gain with an Expleo partnership?

Expleo is the leading global specialist in quality for financial services. Our consultants identify and mitigate business risk in technology-led transformations, using standardised methodology, industrialised automation solutions, global delivery and deep domain knowledge. With Expleo as their trusted partner, clients will embed continuousquality推动数字化和创新。

We have the insight and expertise to assure the processes and technologies across the entire financial services domain, supporting millions of daily banking transactions in:

  • 零售银行
  • 财富和投资银行
  • Corporate banking
  • Mortgages and lending
  • Cards and payments

We work closely with global institutions, helping them to navigate the changes being driven by regulatory reform and digital disruption.

With best-shoring capabilities and offices in 25 countries worldwide, we are as local and global as you need us to be.

Download Expleo’s 2019 Financial Services trend report here.