Meeting sustainable mobility demand with rapid digitisation and automation

Expleo is helping manufacturers and operators improve their products, systems, services and trains, in line with the growing demand for mobility.



Meeting sustainable mobility demand with rapid digitisation and automation

Progress in Rail 4.0 and big data will allow national rail networks to increase both passenger and freight traffic on the same infrastructure and quality of services. In a fiercely competitive market, which is becoming increasingly global, our clients’ ability reduce their environmental footprint, accelerate innovation and drive down costs is a significant business advantage. Expleo is proud to be your trusted, strategic partner at this critical time.

What do you gain with an Expleo partnership?

Expleo offers a wide range of services that covers almost every engineering discipline across your entire product life cycle, from requirements to service life.

我们带来了广泛的能力,包括工程技术与铁路行业和软件配对qualityexpertise. We also transfer valuable cross-fertilisation through experience in different industries such asautomotive,aerospaceanddefence.

我们的团队提供了global footprint and local presence, based in more than 25 countries with front offices situated near to where you operate as well as best-shoring capabilities. Our international collaborative teams will ensure the right blend of flexibility, reactivity, expertise, capacity and cost.