Providing industry specific knowledge and technical expertise

We are active in the technology intensive sectors offering access to end-to-end integrated engineering, quality services and management consulting for digital transformation.


By accelerating innovation all along the supply chain, we are a game-changing partner for leading players in the aerospace and defence industry. We work closely with our clients to “chase new records” in performance, security and delivery.


We help our clients in the automotive industry across the whole production lifecycle, with creative engineering and quality assurance to ensure continuous improvement in performance and safety.

Banking & Financial Services

We work closely with global financial institutions, helping them to navigate the changes being driven by regulatory reform and digital disruption.

Energy and Utilities

We work with our clients to implement programmes across the energy supply chain, from power generation at the plant, through smart grid energy transportation, to smart digital solutions for your customers.


With extensive experience in this maturing market, we support clients in the development of new, engaging and high-quality games on a rapid release schedule. Through quality best-practice, we help shift the focus from defect detection to prevention.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

We offer practical experience in delivering lean process in healthcare. We have a track record of leading large EMR initiatives, auditing clients’ project management offices, and automating testing in technological environments.


Across the industrial landscape, clients face similar challenges and opportunities from rapid digitalisation. We work closely with clients to transform and run a digital thread of connectivity throughout their product life cycle.


We have a strong track record in helping global insurers successfully complete digital transformation projects. Our expertise covers a range of core and peripheral insurance activities.


We provide a comprehensive suite of naval capabilities for end-to-end support. These encompass engine tuning, RAMS, systems engineering, naval systems design & development, manufacturing & supply chain, commissioning and testing solutions.


We’ve helped health trusts, education providers, justice organisations, public finance administrations and other central government departments and local councils to deliver digital services that create significant value and ease of engagement.


We bring a wide range of competence, including engineering know-how paired with railway industry and software quality expertise. We also transfer valuable cross-fertilisation through experience in different industries.

Retail and Logistics

We offer a wide variety of services that support clients in retail and logistics to get ahead with their digital transformation. Working within your teams, our people can help you to achieve business agility, through quality assurance and creative engineering.

Space and Defence

We support our defence partners across their product portfolio. Our experience covers aircraft, helicopters, naval support, digital systems and cybersecurity. We have the capability and capacity to support our clients from R&D right through to aftermarket.

Telecoms and Media

Our close working relationships with a number of major telcos and media enables us to talk to clients about their desire to improve market penetration, innovate new products, improve billing and continuity of service, and safeguard against the damaging impact of ‘fake news’.