Your trusted partner from nose to tail





Your trusted partner from nose to tail

做所有这一切都需要值得信赖的合作伙伴的帮助。Expleo的航空航天工程师的全球网络是我们的合作伙伴需要他们提供全球主要商业和国防计划的地方。我们与我们的战略性地工作客户to support their day-to-day engineering and quality assurance needs; as well as helping them to ready their products and programmes for the future needs of the market.

突出了of our proven track record:

  • 20-HR STV(标准时间值)保存,在装配线上交付
  • 质量问题减少20%,以支持OEM的速率准备驱动
  • 储蓄2.3米,实现内部OEM



我们的合作伙伴关系with innovation houses and research centres ensure that clients’ operations benefit from the very latest tools and materials. Clients rely on our teams for flexible and scalable working models. With rapidly deployed resources, we can ease a capacity constraint or provide a fully-managed service that takes full ownership of deliverables.

Expleo works by your side throughout the entire product journey: from R&D to aftermarket support. We have proven capability across the entire aircraft, offering constant access to quality assurance support and specialist knowledge when you require it most. With Expleo, your production will stay up to date with changes in technology, regulation or environmental legislation, achieving theagility您需要回复客户的不断变化的需求。