Agility and engineering for better quality of care

With populations, life expectancies and patient expectations all on the rise, the healthcare sector has rarely faced such a sustained period of uncertainty and change. This is compounded by tighter budgets, media scrutiny and regulation. Technology offers huge opportunities to improve quality of care, drive cost efficiencies, integrate systems and provide better access and sharing of patient information.

Clarity and bold thinking amid the rising storm

Healthcare organisations face a number of pressing challenges. Their teams must embrace changing systems of reimbursement, protect patient information and adapt to advancements in technology, whilst improving quality in patient care and scaling the mountains of patient data. Digital transformation also brings major challenges to organisations weighed down by legacy systems, data overload and operational stress.



Lean principals, innovative thinking and a quality mindset

在Expleo,我们相信正确的方向依赖于敏捷心态,使企业和系统改善的战略投资,并敏锐地关注质量。Our healthcare specialists are ready to help your organisation consider and achieve the following:

Business agility- 我们会帮助业务变得更多敏捷to enable innovation and better prepare and respond to change and continually increasing demands in the industry.

产品开发– We will accompany you in the development of your medical products with innovative and quality assured solutions. These range from signal processing, software, hardware, mechanical and mechatronics design, test bench and virtual reality environments.

Engineering & Manufacturing & Supply-chain- 我们将陪伴您的项目成功:您的工艺和工业化,供应链的定义和优化,脂肪(工厂验收测试),SAT(网站验收测试),供应商质量和PMO。我们还有助于解决解决方案的统计化,包括支持数据科学和未来的工厂。

Improvement focus- 我们将帮助您与保险公司,医疗保健提供者和药房福利经理(PBM)一起乐动体育赛事工作。这种关闭的连接很重要,因为这些组织在他们运行业务的方式继续成熟,创新和改进,并在战略,管理和执行框架内提供患者服务。

Continuous quality- 我们将帮助业务定义其端到端的质量战略,并提高整体过程和系统质量。我们的客户可以成熟质量and测试通过不同的方式,利用自动化和显着降低成本来实现能力。


Expleo提供深入,实用的经验,在医疗保健中提供精益的过程。特别是,我们有一个骄傲的大型电子医疗记录(EMR)倡议,审计客户乐动体育app offices (PMO), development and industrialisation of Medical Devices and automating testing in complex, legacy technology environments.