• Research from technology and engineering consultancy Expleo, reveals that 43% of consumers want future innovations to combat the climate crisis.
  • Fewer than 15% of respondents would like to see increased investment in home robotics or space travel in the next decade, conversely.
  • Data comes as UK government comes under pressure to ensure ‘green recovery’ as COVID-19 lockdown eases.

London, 17th August 2020.Expleo进行了创新公司技术合作伙伴进行的研究发现,43%的英国消费者关心有关能够减少碳排放和从海洋中移除塑料的技术,而不是太空旅行或房屋机器人。由于英国政府受到压力,以接受“绿色”恢复职位的压力,结果来了。

The report, which surveyed 2,000 UK adults, suggested that people prefer “powerful, but boring” tech that solves real-world problems over flashy gadgets or novelties such as home robotics, virtual reality or home entertainment.

In tandem with the desire to reduce ocean plastics and carbon emissions, 41% of people specified that they would like to see an advance in renewable energies over the next decade. Smart meters, – which by law, will be in every home come 2024 – were praised by over 80% of people for adding value to their lives, due to their long-term potential to reduce energy use and CO2 emissions through better energy management.


Stephen Magennis, UK Quality MD at Expleo said:“The results of our research suggest that consumers are keen to see technology being used to improve society as a whole and not just bring comfort in our life. This topic is not new, but I think that the coronavirus pandemic has opened many people’s eyes to the transformative role technology can play in solving real-world problems, whether that’s streamlining the transition to remote working or accelerating innovation in the medical sector.